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Livestar is a personalized recommendations app that needed assistance determining solutions to several UX challenges and refinement of the visual design.

For example, one challenge Livestar faced was how to allow users quickly and effortlessly filter through a long list of people, critics and other recommendation sources. One solution was a horizontal slider that grouped sources by friends, critics, trusted, and other groupings of the users choice. This way they could view recommendations from a high level or dig deeper into one particular source. The horizontal slider allowed for minimal screen real estate, but easy access to all sources.

Another challenge and important feature of Livestar was how to let users request a recommendation from a particular person. This could be as specific as a particular restaurant or more general such as Italian restaurants in New York. I helped design this UX, as well as the UX of receiving and acting upon a recommendation request from the other end.

Livestar was acquired by Pinterest in 2013.

livestar mobile app