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Amazon Dash

I was the lead UX designer on the Amazon Dash team that launched the Dash device in April 2014. I was responsible for the UX and UI of the Dash experience on the web, tablet, iPhone and Android apps.

The Amazon Dash is a small device that allows you to record by voice or scan a product barcode to add an item to your Dash list within AmazonFresh. You can then use AmazonFresh to order the items and have them delivered to your doorstep as early as the following day.

During my time at Amazon, I designed the experience of setting up a new Dash, the first time user experience, what occurs after a customer inputs a product into their Dash, further selecting products of choice, scenarios when Amazon doesn't carry the exact product, how products are moved from Dash into the shopping cart, deleting, editing and all aspects of the online and mobile user experience. I also designed a new home screen of the AmazonFresh app for both iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire.

Furthermore, I assisted with many aspects of the launch, including copywriting, email content, marketing materials, presentation design, and more.

Post launch, I conducted in depth customer surveys both with internal beta users and the initial launch customers. I carefully wrote the survey questions to gather valuable data around customer insight and satisfaction. The customer survey received a 30% response rate, which is far above average for an unpaid survey. I analyzed, aggregated and summarized key findings into documents that shed light on the biggest strengths and weaknesses and translated those insights into actionable priorities.

I later explored future possibilities for how Dash could enhance and integrate across the larger Amazon experience, both in its current hardware form and in other forms. I explored how Dash could minimize the time from when a customer first thinks of a product they want to when that product arrives on their doorstep.

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